mercoledì 12 gennaio 2022

The Sidney Declaration

 Unlike other more established disciplines, a shared understanding and broad acceptance of the essence of forensic science, its purpose, and fundamental principles are still missing or mis-represented. This foundation has been overlooked, although recognised by many forensic science forefathers and seen as critical to this discipline's advancement.
The Sydney Declaration attempts to revisit the essence of forensic science through its foundational basis, beyond organisations, technicalities or protocols. It comprises a definition of forensic science and seven fundamental principles that emphasise the pivotal role of the trace as a vestige, or remnant, of an investigated activity. The Sydney Declaration also discusses critical features framing the forensic scientist’s work, such as context, time asymmetry, the continuum of uncertainties, broad scientific knowledge, ethics, critical thinking, and logical reasoning.

Claude Roux, Rebecca Bucht, Frank Crispino, Peter
De Forest, Chris Lennard, Pierre Margot, Michelle D. Miranda, Niamh
NicDaeid, Olivier Ribaux, Alastair Ross and Sheila Willis
, The Sydney
Declaration – Revisiting the Essence of Forensic Science through its Fundamental Principles
, Forensic Science International (2021)

sabato 1 gennaio 2022

Free Speech in the Era of Its Technological Amplification

 Fra le uscite epigastrico-escrementizie e l'ignoranza sistemica dei politicos e degli altri seguaci del blocchiamo tutto, ricordo un articolo del 2013 della Technology Review, Free Speech in the Era of Its Technological Amplification.